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Rwanda - Maraba

Location - Huye, Rwanda

Farm - Maraba Abahuzamugambi co-operative

Altitude - 1700 meters 

Varietal - Bourbon

Processing - washed

Taste notes - Molasses, juicy tropical fruit, hints of chocolate

Why should you drink it? - it's Fair Trade and absolutely delicious as both espresso and drip coffee.

The Maraba Abahuzamugambi co-operative was founded in 1994.

 In the wake of the Rwandan Civil War and genocide, Maraba cooperative started as an economic and social initiative to revitalize the region. Beginning with 300 members, the co-operative has since grown to 1,416 members.

 In 2001, Maraba began partnered with PEARL (Partnership for Enhancing Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages) and later SPREAD, projects funded by USAID. With the help of these organizations, the co-operative expanded its infrastructure and technical training from industry experts. They constructed washing stations and cupping labs to improve cup quality.


Price $16.00 NET WT 12 ounces (340 grams)


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