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Ethiopia - Wottona Bultuma (Sidama)

Location - Sidama

Farm - Wottona Bultuma Co-op

Altitude - 1860 meters

Varietal  - Indigenous Heirloom varieties

Processing - Natural Processed, washed

Taste notes -  Tea like, Bergamot peel, Key lime and caramel.

Why should you drink it? - this is a lovely full-bodied cup of coffee from one of the finest cooperatives in the Sidama region of east Africa...  you don't have to be Haile Salassie to feel like the King of Kings... just imbibe with this coffee, and feel the sun rise over Africa! 

Wottona Bultuma’s 2,660 members grow exceptionally bright and full-bodied coffees in 1,400 hectares of rich earth in Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. With an average annual output of 333 tons (5,555 bags) of clean beans, Wottona is yet another Sidama Union co-op producing coffee of the highest order—and the world has taken notice. Wottona's beans have fetched record bids at auction in recent years, demonstrating the co-op’s redoubled care in cultivation, harvesting, and milling. Wottona Bultuma trains its farmers to harvest only the ripest cherries, and mill workers judiciously inspect the coffee before and after milling, culling out defects. The co-op's exemplary agricultural practices and efforts to build economic and social capital have earned its coffee fair-trade, organic, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ certifications.

Wottona also produces some of the best natural coffee in Ethiopia; each year the co-op produce approximately 32 tons of sun-dried beans. The natural production process takes about twice as long as washed—three to four weeks for naturals compared to one to two for washed—and naturals bring a correspondingly higher price.

A nice full bodied coffee with well balanced acidity. Those who love Ethiopian coffees from Sidama as we do, will love this cup!


Price - $16.00 NET WT 12 ounces (283 grams)


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